I momenti salienti della World Employment Conference 2015

Published On: 23 Giugno 2015|Categorie: Comunicazione|


27 maggio 2015

Houtan Homayounpour – Promoting fair international recruitment practices

Sandro Pettineo – Promoting fair international recruitment practices


28 maggio 2015

Stefano Scabbio – World Employment Conference Welcome

Annemarie Muntz – World Employment Conference Welcome

Stefano Scarpetta – What role for private employment services on the labour market?

John Nurthen – Burning priorities of the employment and recruitment industry

Stefano Colli Lanzi – The future of labour market and the role of private employment agencies

Ronnie Goldberg – How can the employment and recruitment industry work better with employers’ organisation to influence policy-makers?

Lenka Kint, Thérèse Rein, Agostino Di Maio – Public-private cooperation: how can employment services better serve together the new workplace?


29 maggio 2015

Peter Hartz – Experiences from the German labour market reform, applicable to Italy. Approach to the problem of European youth unemployment

Annemarie Muntz – The triangular relationship: a trap or a trempolin?

Roy Chacko, Anna Biondi – The triangular relationship: a trap or a trempolin? 

Suchita Dutta – Ciett World Employment Conference 2016

Enzo Mattina, Elisabetta Persico, Stafano Scabbio – Omaggio a Giuseppe Cova e consegna dei Premi di Laurea

Annemarie Muntz, Stefano Scabbio – wrap-up and conclusions


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